Full Name  Timothy Madhukar
 Status In Band  Keyboards and backing vocals
 Status Otherwise  Its happening guys….
 Equipment  Roland A33 Midi Controller, JV 1080, Korg  NS5R
 Birthday  20th January 1972
 Sun Sign  Capricon
 Height  5 Feet 11 Inches
 Hair Color  Black
 Eye Color  Brown
 Favourite Band  Deep Purple, Toto, Europe, Boston, White  Snake
 Favourite Song  Tomorrow, Wasted Sunsets, Perfect  Strangers
 Musician  John Lord, David Coverdale, Karen  Carpenters, Joey Tempest
 Show Man  Ian Gillan
 Movies  Assassins, Rambo
 TV Shows  Friends, Mash
 Actors  Antonio Banderas, Tomy Lee Jones
 Actresses  Wynona Ryder, Madeline Stowe, Andy  Macdowell,Salma Hayek, Catherine zeta  Jones, Holly Hunder, Brooke Sheilds,  Erica Eleniac
 Books  Tintin, Asterix
 Authors  Hedge, Gosciny & Uderzo
 Food  Crabs, Prawns - sea food
 Drink  Pepsi
 Favourite Color  Black
 Hobbies  Collecting Vintage Motorcycles
 Favourite Quote  "There's nothing civil about war " - Axl  Rose


The newest member of Moksha, Timmy is something of a veteran as far as the Chennai rock scene goes. He was the vocalist of Chennai's top band in the early 90's…Burn. But, being a musician at heart, he was not content just singing his heart out. His eyes fell on the Piano and thus began the story of the tortured piano. Soon he found out that he was good at what he was doing. Then we found out too. Thus he found himself tickling the ivories with Moksha.

Timmy's musical tastes cover a wide range of styles…from rock to jazz to rhythm & blues etc. His vocalist background lends quite obvious quality to Moksha's harmonies. And his wisecracks form a vital part of Moksha's in-house entertainment.