Richie Rich, Rich, Pure Magic
 Full Name  Richard Andrew Dudley
 Status In Band  Keyboardist and Backing Vocalist
 Status Otherwise  More than married
 Equipment  Roland XP 80, Korg Trinity and a buncha  modules
 Birthday  30th June
 Sun Sign  Cancer
 Height  6 Feet
 Hair Color  Black
 Eye Color  Deep Brown
 Favourite Band  Europe, Purple, Halen, White Snake, Jovi,  Niacin and MAIDEN
 Favourite Song  Carrie, Highwaystar, Jump, Here I go,  Blaze of glory...
 Musician  Mic Michaeli , Jon Lord, John Novello,  Steve Harris and many more...
 Movies  The Pirates...
 TV Shows  American Idol
 Actors  Johnny Depp, Aamir Khan
 Actresses  Julia Roberts, Keira...
 Books  Good to Great, How to play the Bass in 24  hrs
 Food  Anything that is a bird or animal
 Drink  Anything that makes him frisky
 Favourite Color  Black
 Hobbies  Music, Music, Music and did we mention  Music
 Favourite Quote  What goes around comes back around!!!


Richard is a multi talented musician (plays a bit of guitars, drums, keys and not too mention he can scream a bit too) but more recognized as a Gospel Music producer… Joined MOKSHA in 1995, for a beautiful journey of rock (from their lesser known shows at the YMCA to their first major victory at NLS, to rain dances and many more). He then moved on to pursue a Gospel career… has produced 11 CDs and done numerous live shows as a solo artist all over India along with the Gospel band (check out a brief on them).


Now based out of Bangalore, he still is very much in touch with Rock and MOKSHA… coz that’s where his roots are…… $ Rich $