Full Name  Shyam Ranjith Jeyapaul
 Status In Band  Drummer
 Status Otherwise  Ready and Willing
 Equipment  Custom Gladnick Kit, Remo Heads, Zildian  Cymbals, DW Double bass pedal, Vic Firth  Sticks
 Birthday  9th September 1974
 Sun Sign  Virgo
 Height  5 Feet 9 Inches
 Hair Color  Black
 Eye Color  Dark Brown
 Favourite Band  Toto, Santana, Deep Purple, White Snake
 Favourite Song  Rosanna
 Musician  Dennis Chambers, Pat Thorpy
 Show Man  Sammy Hager
 Movies  Pretty Woman, Disclosure
 TV Shows  Friends, Bill Crosby, Hollywood Squares,  Tom & Jerry
 Actors  Michael Douglas, Wesley Snipes, Tommy Lee  Jones
 Actresses  Demi Moore, Rene Rousso, Kushboo, Erika  Eleniac
 Books  Quiver full of Arrows
 Authors  Jeffrey Archer
 Food  Biriyani, Beef fry
 Drink  Rum & Coke
 Favourite Color  Black
 Hobbies  Snooker, Trekking
 Favourite Quote  "Look before you Leap"


Ranjith is the core founder of Moksha. It was him who, disgusted with the virtual non-existent rock scene in Chennai, set it upon himself to form a band that would change the way India looked at rock music in Chennai. Little did he know that one day it would change the way the world looked at rock music in India. A pleasing personality and contagious smile make him easy going. While on the musical front, his strong and powerful grooves are what help Moksha deliver a punch like no other. Visions of Dennis Chambers an Pat Torpey occupy his mind (that's excluding the millions of images of beautiful women that are lodged there…!!!)

The bottomline is that without Ranjith there would have been no Moksha. And he constantly there pounding on his drums reminding us the he is responsible a huge part of the sound that is rocking the crowds in front of us.