Billy Boy (in school)
 Full Name  Mario Michael Desmier
 Status In Band  Bassist & backing vocals
 Status Otherwise  Nearly as good as Married
 Equipment  Pmg bass, Emg active pick ups, D'addario  strings
 Birthday  3rd August 1979
 Sun Sign  Leo
 Height  5 Feet 10 Inches
 Hair Color  Black
 Eye Color  Dark Brown
 Favourite Band  Sting, Dave Matthews Band, Toto, Steely  Dan
 Favourite Song  7 days, Ants marching, Rosanna, Josie
 Musician  Sting, Victor Wooten, Jaco Pastorious,  Lee Ritenour
 Show Man  Steve Harris
 Movies  Meet joe black, The green mile, Forrest  gump, The sixth sense, A beautiful mind
 TV Shows  Friends, whose line is it anyway,  Seinfeld
 Actors  Tom Hanks, Jim Carey, Al Pacino
 Actresses  Julia Roberts, Helen Hunt
 Books  Dont read much... "the vulture is a  patient bird (laughs!!!)"
 Authors  Timmy Madhukar ("boy this is one author  who can make books outta nothing" he  says)
 Food  South Indian and Chinese
 Drink  Vodka
 Favourite Color  Black
 Hobbies  Watching Movies, Chatting
 Favourite Quote  "We'll see..."


The newest addition to Moksha, Mario started off like most everyone else does sweating it out at college festivals. He then formed his own band and began to really get noticed as one of the shining stars on the Chennai rock circuit. Mario replaces Bobby and is fitting in to the role quite smoothly. He gathers his influence from greats like Victor Wooten and John Pattitucci.

Mario is also quite a fan of Jamiroquai and his imitation of the singer is to be seen to be believed. He absolutely loves NUTS, specially when they are mixed with flavored milk. (Yes!! Among other things, he is weird as well)

Mario is helped in his bass duties by a PMG 4-string and D'addario strings and fingers that are as thin as the strings themselves. (No effects needed here). Just one warning when you meet him......HOLD ON TO YOUR NUTS!!!!