Chris, Christy
 Full Name  Christopher Vasanthkumar Samuel
 Status In Band  Guitarist
 Status Otherwise  Love is in the air, all he needs to do is  breathe
 Equipment  Washburn, Ibanez & Kramer Guitars,  Takimine acoustic, S.I.T. Strings .009 to  .042, Boss GT5 & Metal Zone, H-3000  Eventide Harmonizer and a few other  goodies, Peavey Amps & Cabinets
 Birthday  12th July 1975
 Sun Sign  Cancer
 Height  5 Feet 7 Inches
 Hair Color  Black
 Eye Color  Black
 Favourite Band  Europe, Deep Purple, Extreme
 Favourite Song  Tomorrow, Burn, For the love of God
 Musician  Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencourt, Kee  Marcello, Satch, Steve Lukather, Edward  Van Halen
 Show Man  Steve Vai, Edward Van Halen
 Movies  Jaws, Bangkok Hilton, Ghost and the  darkness, Space Balls, Under Seige
 TV Shows  Home Improvement, Friends, Swat Kats
 Actors  Amir Khan, Mel Brooks, Steven Segal
 Actresses  Kajol, Goldie Hawn, Gillian Anderson
 Books  Sharks (Silent hunters of the deep),  Where Eagles Dare, Outbreak
 Authors  Alistair Maclean, P.G.Woodehouse
 Food  South Indian dishes
 Drink  Scotch on the rocks
 Favourite Color  Blue
 Hobbies  Fishing, Snooker, Swimming
 Favourite Quote  "look before you leap"


Christy, originally fromVizag, settled down in Chennai in 1995 and together with Ranjith began the task of assembling what is now one of India's top unsigned rock bands…

A self taught musician whose musical knowledge spans across instruments from Guitar (…but of course) to keyboards and drums, Christy is an all-out musician at heart. He is rated by his peers and senior musicians as one of the leading guitarists in the country. He can put a skip in your heart with some of his melodies and tear that very same heart out with his shredding.

The best description is what Leon has given him…"A Rolls Royce powered by a Ferrari engine". And through all this, Christy is a perfectionist…although the band agrees that he could slim down at the waist.

He is helped in his shredding duties by Washburn and Kramer guitars and Boss processing, which give him that distinctive tone that makes ears perk up whenever he plays. But when he's not at the guitar, he could be found watching Cartoon Network, playing pool or scratching his head trying to figure what to do with his MBA degree.