Allen, Coy
 Full Name  Allen Roy
 Status In Band  Guitarist
 Status Otherwise  Available
 Equipment  Kramer & Ibanez Guitars, Digitech RP-14,  S.I.T. strings .009 to .042 & Marshall
 Birthday  10th January 1974
 Sun Sign  Capricon
 Height  5 Feet 10 Inches
 Hair Color  Black
 Eye Color  Dark Brown
 Favourite Band  Iron Maiden
 Favourite Song  Alexander the Great
 Musician  Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Malmsteen, John  Petrucci
 Show Man  Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson
 Movies  The GodFather
 TV Shows  Friends, Sienfield, Baywatch
 Actors  Steve Martin, Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley  Snipes
 Actresses  Salma Hayek, Catherine Zeta Jones
 Books  The GodFather
 Authors  Mario Puzo, John Grisham, Richard Allen
 Food  Lobster, Dragon Chicken, Baby Back Ribs
 Drink  Irish Coffee, Carona
 Favourite Color  Black
 Hobbies  Fishing, Snooker, Pool, Computers
 Favourite Quote  Walk before you crawl


Allen is by far the most patient member of Moksha (but God help you if you do manage to get him angry!!!). A true Iron Maiden fan, Allen was the core motivator in the creation of the fabulous Maiden Medley that has become an integral part of Moksha's live act. A Computer Network Manager in his boring 'day to day life', Allen takes charge of stabilising Moksha's rhythm section on stage. (And also wields quite a few tasty solos as well…).

He's also the guy who takes care of the communication. So if you interested in doing a show with us, he's the guy you call. Allen's rhythm section makes its presence felt with the help of Kramer and Ibanez guitars hooked on to Digitech and Korg processing.